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Using Global Window Films for our window tint was a choice we made when we first started operating. It is one of the best performing films available on the market, outperforming many popular brands in longevity, heat rejection, and UV protection. Available in a wide range of shades in dyed, metalized and ceramic film, and with a manufacturer backed lifetime warranty, you can take comfort knowing you are getting the best possible tint for your car.


A great way for you to change up the look of the front and rear of your car, giving a sleeker, aggressive, and smooth finish. And not to mention, it will also help protect against stone chips and hazing/yellowing of the lights. Luxe light wrap is available in light, mid, and dark, and also stealth (matte finish). 



For those who like to keep their car looking clean, fresh and like new, Autotriz Ceramic Paint protection is the choice! Protecting your car from swirl marks, light scratches, bird and bat droppings, and everyday environmental contamination, aswell as keeping the paint work glossy and hydrophobic.


Paint is dead, and wrapping is ALIVE. From a simple roof wrap or stripe decal, to full colour changes, customise your car with endless amounts of colour and designs to really put your own personal touch on your pride and joy.

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